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A civilian died from a gunshot and several police officers were hurt.Police video in North Carolina often is difficult to obtain for anyone not the subject of the recordings. A new law that takes effect Oct. 1 will standardize this practice, hindering the public’s ability to judge police performance.Before family members viewed the video, Bamberg reiterated that they maintained Scott had no gun.

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He did have a chest xray, full radioactive bone scan, and an

The concept of unscrewing your blender, popping a lid on it and then using it as a bottle is simple but extremely effective. It’s one of those things where you simply say to yourself ‘Wow, why didn’t I think of that?’. The BlendActive is, quite simply, the best blender for students.

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Some women wants their dresses to be completely covered as it

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Unclaimed prizes will be added to the prize to be awarded at

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