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Bundesliga Results

Bundesliga Results

The first part of the German Bundesliga had a lot of unexpected results. It has now become much easier to follow the course of one of the most prestigious championships, because it now takes literally a few minutes.

The main surprise of the first third of the championship is the failure of teams that play at European cups. Among them are:




And while the instability of the first two was known long ago, such results were a blow to the fans but they were quite predictable, however the failures of Bayern made many people think deeply.

This situation was caused by a whole bunch of factors. First of all, this summer the Munichers had a new coach. Niko Kovac doesn’t have so much coaching experience, let alone experience with the team of the level of Bayern. Obviously, many stars of Munich simply do not take him seriously.

Secondly, the stagnation of the Bayern itself. The top players have not been transferred to the club for a long time, and transfer of James is rather an exception to the rules.

Many Munich leaders are well past 30, so they no longer show the high level of the game. First of all, it is Ribery and Boateng, who currently are failing at all fronts. You can always learn bundesliga scores at the site of sports statistics, where the German championship has a special place.

Here, you will also find a schedule of soccer games today, so that you can quickly learn the picture of the latest events and focus on them.

Bayern Prospects Of Defending Its Title
Despite the obvious problems in Bayern’s squad, it is the club from Munich that is the main favorite of the Bundesliga. None of its competitors has such a gorgeous lineup and choice of players for each of the lines. Thanks to this, Kovac can rotate them and give the leaders time to rest.

The Croatian coach makes substitutionsoften and however, many leaders do not understand them. So, despite the temporary difficulties, it is clear that the process of rebuilding the club is on, and it can lead to noticeable increase of results in the near future. It livescore tr is now even easier to follow the game of the Munichers and their competitors, because the website of sports statistics provides all the information in real time.

Together with us, you will be able to learn how events develop in the Bundesliga and who will at some point be able to win the ‘Silver greens bowl’ this year.

McGrath, Alaska, recorded an all time high of 94 degrees on

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Before water damage Illinois cleanup occurs in a carpet you

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As well as countless opportunities to lose money on the

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